Honeycoated Nail Spa

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Manicure Services

Honeycoated Finger $20.

Our basic Mani that's anything but basic blissful soak, cuticle care,

nail shaping, moisturizing rub and finish with polish or buff.

Blossoming Fingers $28.

The ultimate Mani, feature everything in our Honeycoated Fingers

plus a custom organic sugar scrub and essential oil blends.

King Bee $20.

Our guy friendly basic Mani, that does it all except for the bright color

polish, unless that floats your boat.

Queen Bee $38.

Exfoliate,revitalize and renew, the results are nothing short of sensational.

Just as in our Blossoming Fingers plus a warm basalt stone massage and a custom 

hand mask.

Quick Change Fingers $13.


Honeycoated Fingers + Flower Toes $47.

King Bee + King Bee Toes $47.

Blossoming Fingers + Honeycoated Toes $72.

Queen Bee + Queen Bee Toes $100.

Pollen Fingers + Soldier Bee Toes $72.